I want to find the equation for the range of a projectile as a function of its elevation angle at launch.

Currently, I am stuck in my effort to calculate the time. What I have doesn't work right although it's what I was recommended to do.

tfinal[theta_] =
   y[t] /.
       {m y''[t] == -m g + 0.4 x'[t],
        y[0] == 0,
        y'[0] == vi Sin[theta], 
        m x''[t] == -0.01 x'[t] Abs[Sqrt[x'[t]^2 + y'[t]^2]],
        x[0] == 0,
        x'[0] == vi Cos[theta]},
       {x[t], y[t]}, {t, 100}],
   {t, 0, 20}]

Any help you could give me to make this work, and how to plug it into x[t] later would be appreciated.

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    $\begingroup$ What are the values for vi and m and g because I don't think NDSolve will work without those. $\endgroup$ – Bill Oct 18 '18 at 19:23

You can use ParametricNDSolveValue and WhenEvent. First give your constants numerical values:

m = 10; g = 9.8; vi = 1000;

Then, use ParametricNDSolveValue + WhenEvent:

pf = ParametricNDSolveValue[
    m y''[t] == -m g + .4 x'[t], y[0]==0, y'[0]==vi Sin[θ],
    m x''[t] == -.01 x'[t] Abs[Sqrt[x'[t]^2+y'[t]^2]], x[0]==0, x'[0]==vi Cos[θ],
    WhenEvent[y[t]==0, tfinal=t; "StopIntegration"]
    {tfinal, x[tfinal], x[t], y[t]},

The Method option is used to prevent caching, as caching also disables the WhenEventwhen the same angle is repeated. For example:

pf[45 Degree][[;;2]]

{151.405, 877.313}


    pf[45 Degree][[3;;]],
    {t, 0, pf[45 Degree][[1]]},

enter image description here


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