I am trying to simulate a model in SystemModeler from Mathematica 11.3. I wish to simulate this model for various parameter values and make a table of the output data. To attempt this I do the following:

model = SystemModel["rectifier_circuit"]
simulations = 
    SystemModelSimulate[model, 0.025, Method -> {"Heun", "StepSize" -> i}], 
    {i, {PowerRange[0.0001, 0.1]}}]

When evaluating the above, I get the following error:

SystemModelSimulate::smss: Value of suboption "StepSize" should be a non-negative number.

Is there a way to accomplish this task?


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    $\begingroup$ Try removing the extra set of {} around PowerRange. $\endgroup$ – b.gates.you.know.what Oct 17 '18 at 8:27

User b.gatessucks's comment about removing the extra {} surrounding the PowerRange fixes the issue.

Code is now:

simulations = 
 Table[SystemModelSimulate[model, 0.025, 
   Method -> {"Heun", "StepSize" -> i}], {i, PowerRange[0.0001, 0.1]}]

and the output is a table of SystemModelSimulationData as desired.


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