I want to create a ListDensityPlot of T vs k, and to do so I am not able to achieve an appropriate Array output from my code. The code is

eq[\[Alpha]_, k_, T_] := \[Alpha]*Sin[k + \[Alpha]] == T*Cos[k];
sol[T_?NumericQ,k_ /; 0 <= k <= Pi/2] := \[Alpha] /.NSolve[{eq[\[Alpha],k,T], 0 <= \[Alpha] <= Pi/2}, \[Alpha], 
 Reals] /. \[Alpha] -> {};

Table[With[{v = -2.5, \[Alpha] = 1}, 
Block[{w = -2 Cos[k], \[Delta] = v - w + (T*Sin[k]^2)/(Sin[2*k + sol[T,k]]^2 + T*Sin[k]^2), \[Rho] = 
 v - w + (\[Alpha]*T*Abs[\[Delta] - E^(I*k)]^2)/(
  1 + T*Abs[\[Delta] - E^(I*k)]^2) }, Abs[(E^(I k) - 
   E^(-I k))/(1 + (\[Rho] - E^(I k)) (E^(
      I k) - \[Delta]))]^2]], {T, 0.1, 0.3, 0.1}, {k, 0.1, 0.3, 0.1}]

I am however able to make a ListLinePlot by using Flatten@Table[...]. The output I get is something like {{{a},{b},{c}},{{d},{e},{f}},{{g},{h},{i}}} which should instead be like {{a,b,c},{d,e,f},{g,h,i}}? for making a ListDensityPlot for T vs k.


Table works by returning lists of lists of outputs. You can use this inelegant approach to fix the format:

Do[t[[i]] = t[[i]] // Flatten, {i, 3}]

I think if you understand head (3rd argument of Flatten) you might be able to skip the loop.

You should try giving more minimal examples, eg. by using Table[foo[args], ...]. The numbers obfuscate your code.


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