If I execute

A = {Sin, Cos, Tan}
B = {ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan}
#[[1]]@#[[2]]@x & /@ Transpose[{A, B}]

the output is


which is to be expected. However, what I want is

{Sin[ArcSin[x]], Cos[ArcCos[x]], Tan[ArcTan[x]]}

Knowing that HoldForm[Sin[ArcSin[x]]] outputs Sin[ArcSin[x]], I tried

A = {Sin, Cos, Tan}
B = {ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan}
HoldForm[#[[1]]@#[[2]]@x] & /@ Transpose[{A, B}]

but this gives me


Much like Zach Braff's morning routine, this output is plagued by too much Hold.

How can I Hold the form of the expression without Holding the evaluation of Part?


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Instead of Hold[], consider using Inactive[]:

MapThread[Inactive[#1][Inactive[#2][x]] &, {{Sin, Cos, Tan}, {ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan}}]

(equivalently, MapThread[Inactivate[#1[#2[x]]] &, {{Sin, Cos, Tan}, {ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan}}])

which would look like this on the front end:

inactivated functions

To remove Inactive[]:

  {x, x, x}

In older versions, you can try Defer[] or HoldForm[] instead of Inactive[], e.g.


and to remove the held evaluation,


Several alternatives:

Defer[#@#2@x] & @@@ Transpose[{A, B}] 
HoldForm[#@#2@x] & @@@ Transpose[{A, B}] 
MapThread[Compose[HoldForm@#, HoldForm@#2, x] &, {A, B}]
HoldForm[a[b @ x]] /. Thread[{a, b} -> #] & /@ Transpose[{A, B}] 
With[{a = #[[1]], b = #[[2]]}, HoldForm[a[b@x]]] & /@ Transpose[{A, B}]

all give



Another approach using operator forms (and avoiding slots, e.g., #):

Through @* Thread[HoldForm @* A @* B] @ x



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