Shortly, I want something like this to work:

 template = TemplateObject[
   RowBox[{"TemplateSlot", "[", "\"planet\"", "]"}]  (*valid boxes*)

 template @ <|"planet" -> "Mars"|>
"Mars" (*expression*)

While template should contain RawBox[...] information which I can extract later.

The problem is that Inserting/CombinerFunction are not enough since they work, more or less like:

CombinerFunction[template @@ (InsertingFunction /@ args)]

While I need:

CombinerFunction[ToExpression[template] @@ (InsertingFunction /@ args)]

Details and requirements:

As an answer I want an expression where the template content (here boxes) is supplied to an InitializationFunction (here ToExpression) just before it is filled by e.g. `TemplateApply.

I can't use custom MyTemplateObject because this template may be somewhere deep and I want it to be activated by the very outer TemplateApply that may come out of the blue. So too deep for upvalues and I would like not to make custom MyTemplateApply.

Summing up:

test = Grid[{{1, yourAnswer[RowBox[...]]}}];

TemplateApply[test, <|"planet" -> "Mars"|>]

1 Mars

But I still want to be able to extract original boxes from test.

Another use case can be to have a string template in its raw form because by default StringTemplate["``<*1*>"] evaluates to TemplateObject[{TemplateSlot[1], "", TemplateExpression[1]}, InsertionFunction -> TextString, CombinerFunction -> StringJoin]

I have a solution but I feel like I missed something basic so I will hold on with posting it to not bias others.


This is the idiom I use:

  "a" -> TemplateExpression @ initializationFunction @ rawTemplate
, TemplateSlot["a"]

For OP's example:

template =  TemplateWith[
  "$$this$$" -> TemplateExpression @ ToExpression @ RowBox[{"TemplateSlot", "[", "\"planet\"", "]"}]
, TemplateSlot["$$this$$"] (* "a" would not be very unique*)

TemplateApply[template, <|"planet" -> "Mars"|>]

And I have access to the raw template too:

template[[1, 2, 1, 1]] (*or with pattern matching*)
RowBox[{"TemplateSlot", "[", "\"planet\"", "]"}]

And a more secure version in case we want to prevent initialized template from evaluation:

rawTemplate = RowBox[
  {"ToCharacterCode", "@", RowBox[{"TemplateSlot", "@", "\"\<planet\>\""}]}

template = TemplateObject[
    "$$this$$" -> TemplateExpression @ MakeExpression @ rawTemplate
  , TemplateSlot["$$this$$"]
, CombinerFunction -> ReleaseHold

TemplateApply[template, <|"planet" -> "Mars"|>]
{77, 97, 114, 115}
template[[1, 1, 2, 1, 1]]
RowBox[{"ToCharacterCode", "@", RowBox[{"TemplateSlot", "@", "\"planet\""}]}]

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