I find that ServiceConnect can access much arXiv information. But is it possible to download the PDF/TEX files I want, e.g., given article "ID"s?


To download PDF's for a list of article ID's:

ids = {"1707.04849v1", "0904.3664v1", "1707.09562v3", "1507.02188v1"};
arXiv = ServiceConnect["ArXiv"];

pdfURLs = Flatten[arXiv["Search", {"ID" -> ids}][All, "Link"]][Select[#Type == "application/pdf" &]][All, "Href"];

URLDownload[#, Last[URLParse[#]["Path"]] <> ".pdf"] & /@ Normal[pdfURLs];

Files are downloaded to your home directory. To download to a different location, modify the second argument to URLDownload

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