I am preparing pdf's with an image, a description and a QR code linking to that image hosted on the web.

However for now the QR code is always positioned just bellow the description. I would like to have it always at the same position at the bottom right, not matter how long the description is.

m = Import[
    exportIm = 
          SpanFromLeft}, {TextCell[
           Row[{"balabalaablabalb balabalbalbalba"}], 
           TextJustification -> 1, Hyphenation -> False], 
          SpanFromLeft}, {}, {"Notes: "}, {SpanFromLeft, 
          Item[BarcodeImage["123456789", "QR", 7], Alignment -> Right]}}, 
        Frame -> {{False, False}, {True, True, True, False}, {False}}, 
        BaseStyle -> ImageSizeMultipliers -> 1], 7, 
       FontFamily -> "Helvetica", Background -> Gray], Background -> Gray,
       ImageSize -> {210, 297}*2]


enter image description here

But what I would like is (QR code bottom right):

enter image description here


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Change {SpanFromLeft, Item[BarcodeImage["123456789", "QR", 7], Alignment -> Right]} to

{Item[BarcodeImage["123456789", "QR", 7], Alignment -> Right], SpanFromLeft}

and {"Notes:"} to

{Item["Notes:", Alignment -> { Left, Top}, ItemSize -> {Full, Scaled[.65]}]}

to get

enter image description here

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    – james
    Sep 19, 2018 at 6:58
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    – kglr
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