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This is a continuation of a similar problem I had posted earlier.

I am trying to plot a function defined in a specific parameter space using the RegionFunction option in Plot3D.

So, this is how I define the region where I want to plot my function

Vld[l_, c_] = If[0 < Q3A < 1 && 1 > A > 0 && 1 > B > 0, True,  False]

Then, I do

A = 1/2; B = 1/2; H = 2/10; G = 1/2;

Followed by

Plot1 = 
  Plot3D[PU, {L, 00, 1}, {c, 0.0, 1}, 
    AxesLabel -> {"L", "c", "PlatformUtil"},  
    RegionFunction -> Function[{x, y}, Vld[x, y]], 
    PlotRange -> All,
    ImageSize -> Large]

Where PU is also a function of the parameters and Q3A.

When I try Reduce[Vld[L, c] && PU > 2]

I get False

When I look at the plot, I should not see any value above 1, but I see a few spikes in the corner.


Am I doing something wrong in the way I am using the region function?


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