Assume the following notebook of Rubi rules

nb = Import["https://github.com/RuleBasedIntegration/Rubi/raw/master/IntegrationRuleNotebooks/1%20Algebraic%20functions/1.1%20Binomial%20products/1.1.1%20Linear/", "NotebookObject"];

If you open all cell-groups, you find that at the deepest level, there are "Code" cells. What is a pragmatic way to open this notebook in read-only mode and navigate to the n-th (say 18th) code cell automatically, so that the user directly sees the Int definition?

Functions that are helpful are NotebookFind, SelectionMove, Cells, and friends, but I feel my hacks are not entirely beautiful and this may be a question of general interest. So I would be delighted if you give me your best shot.


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Does it fit your needs:

target = Cells[nb, CellStyle -> "Code"][[5]](*5th cell*)
SelectionMove[target, All, CellGroup]
FrontEndExecute[FrontEndToken[nb, "SelectionOpenAllGroups"]]
SelectionMove[target, All, CellContents]


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