I want to generate a list of simple trigonometric questions in TeXForm, for example, as follows.

Evaluate the following expressions.
\item $\sin 30^\circ$
\item $\sec 90^\circ$
% ... others go here ...
\item $\csc 315^\circ$

So I can just copy and paste it to my LaTeX input file to create a problem sheet.

I have a list of arguments args and a list of functions funcs as follows.

args = Array[15 # &, 24, 0];
funcs = {Sin, Cos, Tan, Csc, Sec, Cot};

How to define a function GenerateProblem[n_] where n represents the number of problems to generate in TeXForm?



args=Array[15 #&,24,0];



\begin{array}{l} \text{Tan 180} \\ \text{Sin 210} \\ \text{Sec 210} \\ \text{Tan 300} \\ \end{array}

Edit 1. This produces TeX math expressions like \sin , \sec etc

generateProblem = Column[#1@#2 & @@@ RandomSample[Tuples@{funcs, args}, #]] &


\begin{array}{l} \sec (60) \\ \sec (255) \\ \csc (195) \\ \sin (30) \\ \end{array}

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