I am looking for the simplest way to avoid applying Cross to a single argument.

PrimeFactorization[x_] := Cross @@ (Superscript @@@ FactorInteger[x]);
Table[{n, PrimeFactorization[n]}, {n, 200, 250}] // TableForm

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  • What about If? – Kuba Aug 16 at 8:00
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Since you already use Cross in a way that it's not meant to be used, you can also redefine it and assign a meaning to it when it has only a single argument:

Cross[x_] := x;

A bit less severe: Define your own function.

cross[x__] := Cross[x];
cross[x_] := x;

If it is only for displaying purposes you can use Row:

PrimeFactorization[x_] := Row[#, "\[Cross]"] & @ (Superscript @@@ FactorInteger[x])
  • This solution is not TeXForm friendly. Thank you! – Friendly Ghost Aug 16 at 8:10
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    @FriendlyGhost there is nothing about TeXForm in your question. – Kuba Aug 16 at 8:12
  • @FriendlyGhost, use BoxForm`$UseTemplateSlotSequenceForRow = False; before using TeXForm on expressions involving Row.(See Incompatibility of Row and TeXForm) – kglr Aug 17 at 8:12

You might define your own function cross, that calls Cross when the number of arguments is larger than 1:

cross=If[Length[{##}]>1, Cross[##], #]&;
  • Thanks. Is there any method to check the number of arguments instead of using your trick with Length[{...}]? – Friendly Ghost Aug 16 at 8:03

An alternative solution without defining new functions:

PrimeFactorization[x_] :=

 Superscript @@@ FactorInteger[x] /. y_ /; Length@y < 0 -> Cross @@ y

For displaying purposes you can also use:

Times @@ Defer@*Power @@@ FactorInteger[10!]

CenterDot @@ Superscript @@@ FactorInteger[10!]

Inactive[Times] @@ Superscript @@@ FactorInteger[10!]

enter image description here

  • (+1) This does not resolve the issue with numbers that are a power if a prime though. – Henrik Schumacher Aug 16 at 16:59

You can use Block in two ways:

  1. temporarily re-define Cross so that Cross[t_] := t:

PrimeFactorization[x_] :=  Block[{Cross}, Cross[t_] := t;
   Cross @@ Superscript @@@ FactorInteger @ x];

PrimeFactorization /@ {211, 222, 223} // TeXForm

$\left\{211^1,2^1\times 3^1\times 37^1,223^1\right\}$

  1. temporarily define Sequence as Cross:

PrimeFactorization2[x_] := Block[{Sequence = Cross},
    ## & @@ Superscript @@@ FactorInteger @ x];

PrimeFactorization2 /@ {211, 222, 223} // TeXForm

$\left\{211^1,2^1\times 3^1\times 37^1,223^1\right\}$

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