I have the following plots in Mathematica but I would like to plot them with respect to Sqrt[s] instead of s. How would I do that?

p1 = Plot[{Abs[
 Subscript[f, 1][s]/(s - (Subscript[σ, 1][s])^2)]/191.36, 
 Abs[Subscript[f, 5][s]/(s - (Subscript[σ, 5][s])^2)]/38, 
 Abs[Subscript[f, 50][s]/(s - (Subscript[σ, 50][s])^2)]/4, 
 Abs[Subscript[f, 100][s]/(s - (Subscript[σ, 100][s])^2)]/
2.48878}, {s, 3.5, 5.0}, PlotLegends -> {"0.1", "0.5", "5", "10"},
PlotLabel -> 
"\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(P\), \(1\)]\) amplitudes: M=2.1, \
 \!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(m\), \(1\)]\)=\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(m\), \
 \(2\)]\)=1", PlotRange -> All, 
 AxesLabel -> {"E", "|\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(P\), \(1\)]\)|"}, 
 ImageSize -> Large]
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You can use ScalingFunctions (although sometimes it messes up the ticks):

Plot[Sin[Pi s], {s, 1, 8}, PlotRange -> All, 
 ScalingFunctions -> {{Sqrt, #^2 &}, Automatic}]

Mathematica graphics

The ticks seem to be log-scale choices. Here's a way around that if desired:

Plot[Sin[Pi s], {s, 0, 8}, PlotRange -> All, 
 ScalingFunctions -> {{Sqrt, #^2 &}, Automatic}, 
 Ticks -> {Charting`ScaledTicks["Linear", {Sqrt, #^2 &}, "Nice"], Automatic}]

You can use Block to effect a change of plot variable e.g.

Block[{s = sqrts^2},
 Plot[Sinc[Pi s], {sqrts, -5, 5}, PlotRange -> All]]

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