Suppose I have the following list


I want to go through the list l and delete elements whenever "x" and "y" appear both in a single sublist such that I get:


Order does not matter, as long as "x" and "y" both exist.

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Something like the following?

l = {{"x", "b", "c"}, {"y", "a", "d"}, {"x", "b", "y"}, {"x", "y", "c"}};
DeleteCases[l, {OrderlessPatternSequence["x", "y", ___]}]

(* Out: {{“x”, “b”, “c”}, {“y”, “a”, “d”}} *)
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DeleteCases[l, _?(ContainsAll[{"x", "y"}])]

{{"x", "b", "c"}, {"y", "a", "d"}}

A different solution using SubsetQ and Select. I also prefer ti limit the scope of the variable definitions using With or Module.

  l = {{"x", "b", "c"}, {"y", "a", "d"}, {"x", "b", "y"}, {"x", "y", "c"}}
 Select[l, Not[SubsetQ[#, {"x", "y"}]] &]
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    It's not documented, but SubsetQ supports an operator form, so you could eliminate the pure function and instead do Select[l, Not @* SubsetQ[{"x", "y"}]] – Carl Woll Aug 9 at 18:07
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    @CarlWoll Nice tip. I really wish ! SubsetQ[{"x", "y"}] would work however. – Mr.Wizard Aug 9 at 21:44

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