I want to assign each cell in my current notebook a tag so that I can rerun cells with specific tags later in the notebook (Using a method similar to this answer).

My questions are

  • How do I assign cells in my current notebook tags?
  • How do I view the tags that I have assigned?

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You can use the menu item Cell | CellTags to do this. If you want to inspect and modify CellTags programmatically, you can use CurrentValue and SetOptions. For example:

cell = PreviousCell[];
CurrentValue[cell, CellTags]


Change the tag:

SetOptions[cell, CellTags->"FOO"]


CurrentValue[cell, CellTags]


Another useful function is Cells, which will return a list of Cell objects satisfying various criteria.


For thoose looking at this question in the future if you want to label the first 3 input cells cell tags use the following

{cell1, cell2, cell3} = Cells[CellStyle -> {"Input"}][[1 ;; 3]]
SetOptions[cell1, CellTags -> {"FOO"}]
SetOptions[cell2, CellTags -> {"FOO2"}]
SetOptions[cell3, CellTags -> {"FOO3"}]
(*Check cell tags*)
CurrentValue[{cell1, cell2, cell3}, CellTags]

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