I'm trying to Plot data in Mathematica that I upload from Excel.

The Excel file has 5 columns. The first column I would like to be the x-values, and the remaining 4 columns are y-values.

How to plot each of the curves on the same axes?

I tried the following:

data = Import["cyclic-nc-100-t2-t1 formatted.xlsx"];

and it won't work...

While it does work for an Excel spreadsheet with just two columns (first column being $x$, second column being $y$).

The following link lets you download the spreadsheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZoiwC_F9o3tQOPvQWPQVP1jR05VZ9AXz/view?usp=sharing


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This is very similar to the answer by @DavidG.Stork, but I would encourage to always limit the scope of the definitions, in this case using With, but also Module and Block. Also, indenting code makes it more readable.

  data = Import["cyclic-nc-100-t2-t1 formatted.xlsx"]
   data[[1, All, {1, 2}]],
   data[[1, All, {1, 3}]],
   data[[1, All, {1, 4}]],
   data[[1, All, {1, 5}]]
  , PlotTheme -> "Scientific"

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