I defined the following function:

q5e8[z_?NumericQ] := q5e8[z?NumericQ] = NIntegrate[Sin[(2 5 10^8 - v) z]/z^5, 
  {v, 0.1, 2 5 10^8}]

As you can see, it is a function that remembers values it has found, so that i dont need to compute things twice. I saved the function to a file using

Save["q5e8", q5e8]

But now, how can I retrieve the definition and the values the function has evaluated from this file?


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You can use Get (<<) to retrive the contents of the file "q5e8":

reads in a file, evaluating each expression in it and returning the last one.

q5e8[z_?NumericQ] := q5e8[z] = NIntegrate[Sin[(2 5 10^8 - v) z]/z^5, {v, 0.1, 2 5 10^8}]


Save["q5e8", q5e8]

After using ClearAll[q5e8] or in a new front-end session, using


loads the content of the file "q5e8".

enter image description here


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