I have concocted a function from other peoples examples to find the powers of two in a prime decompostion, in the example below its $2^2=4$ gives {2,2}.

Select[FactorInteger[4], #[[1]] == 2 &] (*#[[1]] means part 1 {1,2}*)

Now this is all well and good (I think!) but I want the output in a format I can use numerically like 4 instead of {2,2}.

How might I achieve this simple task N[] does not work.

This answer is not what I'm looking for as it does not provide a usable numerical output but just changes format.


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Is this what you are looking for?

It uses your code and just adds a bit to get the numeric result for you

n = 2^3*5*7*11;
Power @@ Select[FactorInteger[n], #[[1]] == 2 &][[1]]

(* 8 *)

The [[1]] at the end gets rid of the extra layer of {}

The Power @@ turns {2,3} into Power[2,3] and the result is 8


Not sure, but perhaps you could use IntegerExponent.


where n is the number you want factored, and p is the prime of interest. For your example,


returns 4.


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