I am trying to create an interactive map that when you click a room, you get send to a more detail of it. I am struggling to put multiple buttons on an image as well as have them line up with the image properly. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this efficiently?


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Actually, any button is an image. Therefore, you can create graphics background and put the button on it using Epilog->Inset[..] . The insets could be easy arranged according to certain coordinates within the background graphics as below:

bcol = Orange;
Graphics[{Gray, EdgeForm[{Black, Thick}], 
  Rectangle[{0, 0}, {100, 40}]}, 
 Epilog -> {Inset[Button["test", Print["!!"]], {70, 10}], 
   Inset[Dynamic@Button["ToRed", bcol = Red, Background -> bcol], {20,35}]}]

enter image description here

Buttons are nicely working..


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