Is it possible to use the FinancialData such as the PSAR indicator on imported CSV file ?

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  1. You can use your imported data as input to TradingChart and InteractiveTradingChart as long as its structure conforms to the pattern {datelist, {open, high, low, close, volume}}:

dates = DateRange[{2010, 1, 1}, {2010, 4, 30}];
ohlc = Sort /@ RandomReal[100, {Length@dates, 4}];
ohlc = ohlc[[All, {3, 4, 1, 2}]];
vol = RandomInteger[100, Length@dates];
data = Transpose[{dates, Join[ohlc, List /@ vol, 2]}];

tc = TradingChart[data, {"ParabolicStopAndReversal"}, 
  Appearance -> "Line", ImageSize -> 400]

enter image description here

  1. You can use a built-in FinancialIndicator function, e.g. "ParabolicStopAndReversal", outside TradingChart or InteractiveTradingChart to create a list that you can use with, say, DateListPlot:


enter image description here

psar[a_: .02, b_: .2] := FinancialIndicator["ParabolicStopAndReversal", a, b];
dlp = DateListPlot[{Transpose[{data[[All, 1]], data[[All, 2, 4]]}], 
    Transpose[{data[[All, 1]], psar[][data]}] }, 
   Joined -> {True, False}, ImageSize -> 400, ImagePadding -> Scaled[.03]];

enter image description here

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