I have an entity city. For example, I run {city} = GeoNearest["City", GeoPosition[{41.8, -87.7}]] and then I got The entity "Chicago" as my output of city.

I want to have the string "Chicago" instead entity "Chicago" as output.

How can I convert city from entity to string?

Many thanks!


Every Entity should have a "Name" property that returns a string,

enter image description here

If you have city defined as an entity, these three give the same result

city @ "Name"
EntityValue[city, "Name"]
EntityProperty["City", "Name"] @ city
  • $\begingroup$ Keeping in mind that GeoNearest returns a list, if you want to define your variable in one line, you can use this: city=First[GeoNearest["City", GeoPosition[{41.8, -87.7}]]]["Name"] $\endgroup$ – kickert Jul 2 '18 at 16:01

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