I'm trying to import many files which have the same name "x.data", but they end with a extension "x_code1.data".

I was trying to import all files with the routine:

Importdata1 = 
Import["x_code1.dat", "Table"];

But I want to have an array with all the codes, something similar to:

For i = {1,4,7,10}

Importalldata[i] = 
Import["x_code[i].dat", "Table"];

How can I achieve this?

Thank you so much

  • $\begingroup$ Import[#, "Table"] & /@ Table["xcode" <> IntegerString[i, 10] <> ".data", {i, 1, 10}] $\endgroup$ – user1066 Jul 1 '18 at 12:37

You can create the list of filenames using StringTemplate

 , {k, 5}
(* {"FileNameBase1.extension", "FileNameBase2.extension", \
"FileNameBase3.extension", "FileNameBase4.extension", \
"FileNameBase5.extension"} *)

Now we apply this to your case

alldata = Table[
   , "Table"]
  , {k, {1,4,7,10}}
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