I'm trying to use a piece of a BarLegend of a ListLineIntegralConvolutionPlot to plot other ListLineIntegralConvolutionPlot.


  • output of data1



  • output of data2

enter image description here

But for comparing these plots I would like

ListLineIntegralConvolutionPlot[ data2, BarLegend["something"]]

with an output of Bar $\approx$ and the plot inside this interval of colors.

Can someone help me? Thanks.


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You may use the range syntax of ColorData for the BarLegend and for the ColorFunction option of the plot with the ColorFunctionScaling option set to False.

I use {0, 100} as the range. For a the full range.

BarLegend[{"Rainbow", {0, 100}}, LegendLayout -> "Row"]

Mathematica graphics

Then for range {0, 50} of {0, 100}

BarLegend[{ColorData[{"Rainbow", {0, 100}}], {0, 50}}, LegendLayout -> "Row"]

Mathematica graphics

Any sub-range can be obtain; {25, 75}

BarLegend[{ColorData[{"Rainbow", {0, 100}}], {25, 75}}, LegendLayout -> "Row"]

Mathematica graphics

Hope this helps.


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