I put the following code using the Xcode application into an init.m file that is auto-loaded at startup. I can now turn on WholeCellGroupOpeners using a shortcut. Works great.

  "DuplicatePreviousOutput", {Delimiter, 
     SetOptions[SelectedNotebook[], "WholeCellGroupOpener" -> True]],
     MenuKey["w", Modifiers -> {"Control"}], 
    System`MenuEvaluator -> Automatic]}]]

I would like to make the control more usable by making the same Control+w toggle between True and False states.

I tried substituting in

 "WholeCellGroupOpener" -> !CurrentValue@Options[SelectedNotebook[], "WholeCellGroupOpener"]

For some reason this code works as expected inside a regular .nb file but fails to work in the init.m file where I need it. Any ideas? Does it have something to do with global namespaces?


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This seems to work. Not sure why the other way doesn't. I'll leave this solution up for reference.

"WholeCellGroupOpener" ->If[SameQ[CurrentValue[SelectedNotebook[],"WholeCellGroupOpener"],False],True,False]

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