I'm new to Mathematica, and use it for visualize some distributions now.

One of my 3D distribution functions has several hundreds coefficients and the ListDensityPlot3D function takes about one hour to generate the plot. After I saved the file and exited the kernel, it seems all the pictures are lost, with Out[37]: left empty.

To test what happened, I tried some ListDensityPlot3D examples from the official website, saved and exited the kernel. This time the pictures are saved, although I cannot use %10 to retrieve them. But to view them is enough for my purpose.

I also tried Export["plot.3ds",plotObject,"3DS"], but the export failed with the error: Export::nodta: Graphics3D contains no data that can be exported to the 3DS format.

So, the situation is that I can neither export the picture nor save the graphs in notebook. I don't want to spend an hour everytime to replot the graph. Any suggestions?



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