Need a workaround so I can plot a tool tip that provides the bar height and in the same tool tip also gives the parts of the dataset that created the bar in BarChart3D. I have tried LabelingFunction -> TooltipLabel, but today it only works on small datasets, but when the data is larger (1600+ plotted points) it fails to work. This is a bug in 11.3 confirmed by MMA support. So I'm wondering if the geniuses here on MMSE can provide a good solution until this gets fixed in the code.

dataLabels = Partition[Round@RandomReal[{0, 100}, {20, 4}], 4];

barheight = Partition[Flatten@RandomReal[{0, 1}, 20], 4];

TooltipLabel[value_, {row_, column_}, {{rowLabel_}, {columnLabel_}}] :=
   Placed[Row[{value, ", ", {dataLabels[[row, column]]}}], 

plot = BarChart3D[barheight, ChartLayout -> "Grid", ImageSize -> 200, 
           BoxRatios -> {7, 7, 5}, 
          Method -> {"Canvas" -> None}, Boxed -> False, 
          Ticks -> {None, None, Automatic}, ViewPoint -> {0, -1.5, 1.5}, 
          BarSpacing -> None, 
              Background -> White, Lighting -> "Neutral", Axes -> False, 
          LabelingFunction -> TooltipLabel]

The code above works on small charts like this example but at some point the tooltip disappears as the plots get larger. I need a solution that works on a 2k size data set. Thanks in advance for your help!


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