I have a 25x25 grid of a function T[x] expressed in terms of variables x and R. The output is a grid of 0s and 1s:

  Prepend, {Prepend[
    FullSimplify[Table[T[x], {x, 25}, {R, 25}]], {"R=1", "R=2", "R=3",
      "R=4", "R=5", "R=6", "R=7", "R=8", "R=9", "R=10", "R=11", 
     "R=12", "R=13", "R=14", "R=15", "R=16", "R=17", "R=18", "R=19", 
     "R=20", "R=21", "R=22", "R=23", "R=24", "R=25"}], {"", "x=1", 
    "x=2", "x=3", "x=4", "x=5", "x=6", "x=7", "x=8", "x=9", "x=10", 
    "x=11", "x=12", "x=13", "x=14", "x=15", "x=16", "x=17", "x=18", 
    "x=19", "x=20", "x=21", "x=22", "x=23", "x=24", "x=25"}}], 
 Frame -> All]

I want all instances of T[x]=1 to appear in bold, and I want a thicker line beneath the column headers and to the right of the row headers.

I can't find anything that works on this site or in the Mathematica documentation. And as a noob to Mathematica, I'd appreciate some help.

  • $\begingroup$ You can use Table[T[x], {x, 25}, {R, 25}] /. 1 -> Style[1, Bold] to make the ones bold. Moreover, look up the FrameStyle option of Grid (see the documentation of Grid, section "Options", subsection FrameStyle). $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 28, 2018 at 9:47
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Will look into FrameStyle. I'd tried Style[1, Bold], but hadn't spotted the space after /. Working now. $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 28, 2018 at 9:56

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T[x_, r_] := Mod[x + r, 5]; 
data = MapThread[Prepend, {Prepend[FullSimplify[Table[T[x, R], {x, 25}, {R, 25}]], 
 {"R=1", "R=2", "R=3", "R=4", "R=5", "R=6", "R=7", "R=8", "R=9", "R=10", "R=11",
       "R=12", "R=13", "R=14", "R=15", "R=16", "R=17", "R=18", "R=19",
       "R=20", "R=21", "R=22", "R=23", "R=24", "R=25"}],
 {"", "x=1", "x=2", "x=3", "x=4", "x=5", "x=6", "x=7", "x=8", "x=9", "x=10", 
     "x=11", "x=12", "x=13", "x=14", "x=15", "x=16", "x=17", "x=18", 
     "x=19", "x=20", "x=21", "x=22", "x=23", "x=24", "x=25"}}];

Grid[data /.  1 -> Style[1, Red, Bold], 
 Dividers -> {{2 -> {Thick, Red}}, {2 -> {Thick, Blue}}}]

enter image description here

See: Documentation >> Dividers


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