does it exist a simple construct to express the following expression in a more succinct manner:

JoinAcross[ JoinAcross[ JoinAcross[v5sisPma5, v5sisPma6, "size"], v5sisAbTree, "size"], v5sisStatic, "size"]

I'm looking to something like Fold[JoinAcross, v5sisPma5, {v5sisPma6, v5sisAbTree, v5sisStatic}] with the additional parameter "size" to state the attribute in the equijoin.


You can use your Fold method if you use a pure function as the first argument,

 JoinAcross[#1, #2, "size"] &, v5sisPma5, {v5sisPma6, v5sisAbTree, 
(* JoinAcross[
 JoinAcross[JoinAcross[v5sisPma5, v5sisPma6, "size"], v5sisAbTree, 
  "size"], v5sisStatic, "size"] *)
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