There is similar question here exporting-animated-gifs-animationrepetitions-1-doesnt-work

But the accepted answer there no longer works in 11.3, which is to use "AnimationRepetitions" -> 0 as it gives error

Export::erropts: The value 0 specified for the option AnimationRepetitions is invalid.

I need the animated gif file to play once and stop. By default, with no options, the animation in the Chrome browser always plays 2 times and then stops. I also tested it in FireFox.

The help page on AnimationRepetitions does not say anything about how to make it play only once. Using "AnimationRepetitions" -> 1 has no effect also, it plays 2 times always then stops. Has this changed in 11.3 from the time of the accepted answer above?

Here is MWE

   Grid[{{Row[{"time ",t}]},
     Plot[Sin[t x],{x,-2 Pi,2 Pi}]

loading the above animation to the browser (drag the file and drop it on a web page that is open), will show it plays 2 times.

question: How to make it play only once in 11.3? Is there other options to use? Version 11.3 on windows 7 home edition.

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    $\begingroup$ I suspect a bug. It seems that the exported GIF animation always plays "AnimationRepetitions"$+1$ times in my MMA 11.3, and as you said, a value of $0$ for "AnimationRepetitions" is not accepted. $\endgroup$
    – MarcoB
    Apr 23 '18 at 15:02

This is indeed a bug in 11.3 and there is no way to export a gif that will only play once. That bug will be fixed in the next release.

Here is a simple workaround you can use:

ExportSingleAnimationGIF[fname_String, expr_, opts___] := 
    bytes = StringToByteArray[ExportString[ expr, "GIF", opts, CharacterEncoding -> "ISO8859-1"], "ISO8859-1"],
    loop = {33, 255, 11, 78, 69, 84, 83, 67, 65, 80, 69, 50, 46, 48, 3, 1, _, _, 0}
        gifBytes = Join @@ SequenceSplit[Normal[bytes], loop]
        BinaryWrite[fname, gifBytes];

You call it with the same arguments and options as you would pass to Export but obviously "AnimationRepetitions" will be ignored. It should always produce a GIF that only plays once.

  • $\begingroup$ What changes do I need to do to make the animation loop indefinitely? I have version 11.2. In my browser the animation runs exactly twice. Irrespective of the value I give to "AnimationRepetitions". If you prefer, I can write another question about it. $\endgroup$ May 17 at 12:55

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