I am trying to convert degree to number for some mathematical transformation. Taking London as an example, the following codes can convert the degree into a number without any problems:

Codes that give numbers {51.5,-0.11} and {0.8988,-0.0019} as output:

{51.5°,-0.12°} /Degree
{51.5°,-0.12°} /. GeoPosition -> Identity

However, I want to use London as the input. In fact, if I input

LatitudeLongitude[Entity["City",{"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}]]

I can get {51.5°,-0.12°} without a problem.

The problem is, when I combine the two, the result fails to convert into number. It is still in degrees.

Codes that still give degree as output:

LatitudeLongitude[Entity["City",{"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}]]/Degree
LatitudeLongitude[Entity["City",{"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}]]/. GeoPosition -> Identity 

How can I convert that into degrees?


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The output of LatitudeLongitude is a List of Quantitys:

pos = LatitudeLongitude[Entity["City", {"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}]]



This would suggest to use UnitConvert:

UnitConvert[pos, "Radians"]


which again is a List of Quantitys:



One could extract the numbers with [[All, 1]]. However, this whole line of reasoning leads to overcomplication of the procedure, as the straighforward approach is


{0.898845, -0.00203622}

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. Done with Normal[LatitudeLongitude [Entity["City",{"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}]]]/Degree as suggested. $\endgroup$
    – H42
    Commented Apr 19, 2018 at 0:27

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