Normally when you have symbol Abc, WorkBench creates a symbol page named Abc. Then when you make a build, type Abc and then press the F1 key, you are sent to the Abc symbol page.

Suppose however that you want to type a string , say xyz, but on pressing F1 you want to go to symbol page Abc or, at least, be given Abc page among the search results. Is this possible?

I think it might be. For example, type the exclamation mark (!) and then F1. You are given the choice between the Factorial, Not and Run pages. How were these associations made?

In other words: is it possible to intercept the F1 action? Or somehow indicate for a symbol page which search strings are appropriate? Or use some other hack to obtain this effect?

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    $\begingroup$ This should happen automatically if xyz is a string that appears somewhere on the Abc documentation page...that's the function of the documentation index. If you want to add extra search terms to a page, you can put them under the "Keywords" meta-information heading at the top of the source file for the page. $\endgroup$ – Simon Rochester Jul 29 '13 at 8:20

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