I want to be able to access Notebooks on my laptop when travelling and don't have internet access. Currently, I save a copy to my laptop HHD disc, but this is annoying and I can get caught out by forgetting to save a notebook I need or forgetting to save the latest version.

Is there a better way?

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    $\begingroup$ Unfortunately I don't think the cloud syncs well with local files. You need to manually download and save files locally if you plan to go offline. $\endgroup$ – user6014 Mar 12 '18 at 0:28

If you NotebookOpen @ CloudObject[ url ] the opened notebook will be saved to the cloud automatically. So as long as you keep the FrontEnd up it will work.

If you can't keep it open/put to sleep etc you can try this idea:

cloudNotebook = CloudDeploy[
  Notebook[{Cell["test", "Section"]}],
  Permissions -> "Public"

createTempCloudNotebook @ cloudNotebook

createTempCloudNotebook fetches and opens a notebook from given link. You will need to pick a file destination when saving for the first time. But aside of that, each time you Ctrl+S it should check the connection and upload to cloud if possible. It will be manifested with a processing bar on top.

enter image description here

   createTempCloudNotebook // ClearAll;
createTempCloudNotebook[co_CloudObject] := 
 Module[{nb}, nb = NotebookPut@Import[co];
   DockedCells -> {Cell@
        DynamicModule[{saved = True, saveNotebook, cloudConnectedQ}, 
               ProgressIndicator[Appearance -> "Indeterminate"], 
              ""]]}, Spacer[20]], If[Not@saved, saveNotebook[]];, 
          TrackedSymbols :> {saved}, SynchronousUpdating -> False], 
         SynchronousInitialization -> False, 
         Initialization :> (cloudConnectedQ[] := 
                "www.wolframcloud.com", <|"Method" -> "HEAD"|>], 
               "StatusCode"] === 200];

           saveNotebook[] := (If[cloudConnectedQ[], 
              SessionSubmit[CloudDeploy[#, co], 
                 HandlerFunctions -> <|
                   "TaskFinished" :> (saved = True)|>] &@
               EvaluationNotebook[], saved = True]);

            NotebookEventActions :> {{"MenuCommand", 
                "Save"} :> (saved = False), PassEventsDown -> True, 
              EvaluationOrder -> After}])]}]]

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