I want to multiply every element of a 782x782 matrix with a function that depends on the two indexes of that element, I tried MapIndexed, but I don't seem to fully understand how it works.

The function is :

f[x_, y_] := Exp[I*(2 Pi/\[Lambda]g)*zi*Sqrt[1 - (\[Lambda]g*x/(2*a*dx))^2 + (\[Lambda]g*y/(2*b*dx))^2]]

where x and y, are the indexes of the elements, and everything else already defined constants.

That function is independent of the actual value of the matrix, I just care about how to transmit the index information.

I thought about using MapIndexed to give it the index information, but I don't seem to fully grasp how to do that. Is there another easier way, or just a correct way of doing this that you can think of?

Thanks in advance.

Edit : Sorry, 782x782, but I'm guessing your answers can be used just changing the 2x2.

  • $\begingroup$ Letting mat be the original matrix, try mat Array[f, {2, 2}]. $\endgroup$ – J. M. will be back soon Mar 9 '18 at 12:51
A  = Array[a, {2, 3}]
matf = Table[f[x, y], {x, 1, 2}, {y, 1, 3}]
matf A  (* elementwise multiplication *)

I tried MapIndexed, but ...

Using @Ulrich's example A = Array[a, {2, 3}]

MapIndexed[# f @@ #2 &, A, {2}]

{{a[1, 1] f[1, 1], a[1, 2] f[1, 2], a[1, 3] f[1, 3]},
{a[2, 1] f[2, 1], a[2, 2] f[2, 2], a[2, 3] f[2, 3]}}


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