Is there a way to split a Mathematica worksheet, so that I can define parameters that are valid only for a section of the worksheet, like "local parameters" of a Matlab or C++ function?

  1. I need a solution that does not require clearing the parameter each time and assigning them values again please.

  2. I don't want to worry which part of the code I write above or below another.

For a minimal example:

In this section I assign value for C and Q, which should be valid in this section only:


In this section I want the parameters to remain free, but not to have to clear them, or define a whole different set of parameter names. The problem with the this trivial solution is that I have too many parameters so it is simply very annoying to do so. -->:



Update1: Maybe my question is more clear as follows:

Is there a way to split the Mathematica worksheet, such that different section of it will work on different kernels?

Update2: I am looking for something that works like

 Block[{C = 1}, Q = Exp[C]], 

but for more then one calculation, namely for a whole section of the worksheet.


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One possibility is to add sections for grouping, and then change the CellContext option of input cells to CellGroup. Then all of the input cells in a section will use the context of the cell group, which will be different for each section. As an example, here is some code to create a notebook with multiple sub-sub-sections, with an input cell in each section, and with a style sheet that gives input cells the option CellContext->CellGroup:

    TextCell["Subsection 1", "Subsubsection"], 
    ExpressionCell[Defer[x=1], "Input"],
    TextCell["Subsection 2", "Subsubsection"],
    ExpressionCell[Defer[x], "Input"]

And here is an animation showing the evaluation of each input cell in the created notebook:

enter image description here

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