I'm using MMA 11.2 on Ubuntu 16.10. Any reason why

RunProcess[{"python", "myscript.py"}]

works, while



StartExternalSession::noinstall: No valid installations for language Python were found with the options specified.


FindExternalEvaluators["Python"] returns an empty square, RegisterExternalEvaluator["Python", "/usr/bin/python"] returns

RegisterExternalEvaluator::invalid: -- Message text not found -- (ExternalEvaluatePrivatereason)

even though /usr/bin/python is the output from which python. Also, python --version returns Python 2.7.12 and I did install zmq.


It turns out zmq, though it seemed to have been installed smoothly with pip, was not properly installed. Not sure why and I'm don't know exactly what I did to correct it. If someone faces the same issue, I would recommend trying in python import zmq; if the library is found, StartExternalSession should work.


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