Okey, so I have this code that took super long time to plot. It's a density plot and let's say that I would like to change to position of the BarLegend of the plot. I want to do this without having to redo the plot

As an example. Let's say we have the plot

p1 = DensityPlot[Sin[x] Sin[y], {x, -6, 6}, {y, -2, 2},
  ImageSize -> {600, 200},
  AspectRatio -> Automatic,
  PlotLegends -> Placed[BarLegend[Automatic,
     LegendMarkerSize -> {550, 30}
     ], Above]

and I want the BarLegend below instead of above the plot. How can I do this after the plot?

I've tried various methods

p1 /. PlotLegends -> Placed[BarLegend[Automatic,
LegendMargins -> {{0, 20}, {-15, 0}},
LegendMarkerSize -> {500, 30}
], Below]


Show[p1, PlotLegends -> Placed[BarLegend[Automatic,
LegendMargins -> {{0, 20}, {-15, 0}},
LegendMarkerSize -> {500, 30}
], Below]]

Nothing works.


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p1 /. Placed[a_, Above, b_] :> Placed[a, Below, b]

or (a bit more robust)

ReplacePart[p1, {-1, 2} -> Below]

General hint: Apply InputForm onto the graphics object p1 in order figure out what exactly to replace.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! Do you know how can I determine the coordinates of the thing that I want to change using InputForm? Like How did you know InputForm[p1][[-1,2,2]] corresponded to Above? $\endgroup$ Mar 2, 2018 at 10:47
  • $\begingroup$ I knew that legends get wrapped by Placed and appear as second in Legended expressions. From where I anticipated that? I really looked at the output of InputForm[p1]... Also Hold /@ p1 would have helped... After seeing that it is about an Above, we can find its position with Position[p1, Above]. $\endgroup$ Mar 2, 2018 at 11:04

If Above appears only in relation to PlotLegends in p1:

p1 /. Above -> Below (* or *)
Block[{Above = Below}, p1]

enter image description here


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