I have a polynomial in n variables, L[1],...,L[n]. Starting from an index j, I want to shift the variables of the polynomial like: L[i]->L[i+1], from i=j to i = n, simultaneously. So for example L[1]+ L[3]^2 -> L[2]+L[4]^2

This is part of a recursion, so n and j will be positive integers, but I would like to define this operation for arbitrary n and j.

I have tried using "\." and loops but I haven't yet figured out how to avoid shifting variables that I have already shifted. Also, I suspect/hope there is a much better way to do this.

shift[p_, k_] := p /. L[i_ /; i >= k] :> L[i + 1]


n = 7;
poly = RandomInteger[9, n]. Array[L, n]^RandomInteger[{1, 9}, n]

5 L[1]^9 + 9 L[2]^8 + 4 L[3]^6 + 4 L[4]^3 + 8 L[5]^6 + 4 L[6]

shift[poly, 4]

5 L[1]^9 + 9 L[2]^8 + 4 L[3]^6 + 4 L[5]^3 + 8 L[6]^6 + 4 L[7]


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