I have a function whose argument is Audio and I'd like to deploy it as an API (and then call it from Python). This works as with FormPage[] as follows:

 FormPage[{{"ex", "Upload WAV file:"} -> "UploadedFile"}, 
  AudioPlot@Import[#ex] &]]

But I'm not sure how to set it up with APIFunction[] and then call it as a HTTP GET request. I can assume they are WAV files if that makes it easier.


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You can create an APIFunction with a very similar syntax and return e.g. a png"

    {{"ex", "Upload WAV file:"} -> Restricted["UploadedFile", "WAV"]}
  , HTTPResponse[ExportString[AudioPlot@Import[#ex, "WAV"], "PNG"]] &
, "api/audioPlot"
, Permissions -> "Public"

Can't say how to call it from Python but from WL it goes like this:

req = HTTPRequest[
, <|"Body" -> {"ex" -> File[path/to/file.wav]}|>

URLExecute[req, "PNG"]

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Hi, this answer doesn't seem to work in V12, the URLExecute now returns a Failure object with the message "Import::fmterr: Cannot import data as PNG format." $\endgroup$
    – M.R.
    Commented Sep 25, 2019 at 16:03
  • $\begingroup$ Has something changed in APIFunction or URLExecute? $\endgroup$
    – M.R.
    Commented Sep 25, 2019 at 20:02

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