I want to create 3D objects from 2D image and export it as a "3ds" file (or "obj").

I tried:


enter image description here

With[{mesh = ImageMesh[ColorNegate[img]]}, RegionProduct[mesh, Line[{{0.}, {55}}]]]

enter image description here

Export["RamF.3ds", %]

but there is an error message

enter image description here

I also tried

Export["RamF.obj", %]

it works, but there is a problem when I tried to import it into the Blender or Unity3D.


As far as I can see, the problem is the Prism primitive that is used to construct the 3D form. I'm using your original code

m3 = With[{mesh = ImageMesh[ColorNegate[img]]}, 
    RegionProduct[mesh, Line[{{0.}, {55}}]]

Now, we can inspect how the 3D text is built:

With[{mp = MeshPrimitives[m3, 3]},
  Graphics3D[mp[[1 ;; i]], PlotRange -> RegionBounds[m3]],
  {i, 2, Length[mp]}

enter image description here

You see, every little piece is a prism. Basically, Mathematica creates a triangularized version of your text surface and extends it into the z-axis by turning it into a 3D prism.

Converting a Prism into a set of Polygons is, however, really easy. Simply turn the bottom, the top, and all the sides into a polygon.

toPolygons[Prism[{a1_, a2_, a3_, b1_, b2_, b3_}]] := Polygon[
  {{a1, a2, a3}, {b1, b2, b3}, {a1, b1, b2, a2}, 
   {a2, b2, b3, a3}, {a3, b3, b1, a1}}]

Using this function, you can export it to a 3D format

Export["~/tmp/f.3ds", Graphics3D[toPolygons /@ MeshPrimitives[m3, 3]]]

import it into blender and it will work:

enter image description here


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