This is a problem I noticed when trying to answer this question. Just consider the following toy example:

test = ParametricNDSolveValue[{x'[t] == 1, x[0] == a, WhenEvent[t == 1, Sow@a]}, 
   x, {t, 0, 2}, a];
test@1; // Reap
(* {Null, {{a$224638}}} *)

This behavior becomes annoying when one wants to group the extracted value using the parameter a as a tag i.e. the 2nd argument of Sow.

How to understand this behavior? Is it possible to Sow the parameter value inside WhenEvent? If not, what's the best workaround for it?

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    $\begingroup$ When test@1 is executed, at some point a Function is constructed and it appears the argument a$224638 is rewritten in the standard way by adding $; namely the new argument is a$224638$. Thus the value of a fails to be injected into Sow[a$224638]. WRI might consider it a bug, if you report it. $\endgroup$ – Michael E2 Jan 12 '18 at 15:20

Here is a workaround.

test = ParametricNDSolveValue[{x'[t] == 1, x[0] == a, b[0] == a, 
    WhenEvent[t == 1, Sow@b[t]]}, x, {t, 0, 2}, {a}, DiscreteVariables -> b];
Reap[test@1;][[2, 1, 1]]
(* 1. *)

and test@2 returns 2., as desired.


another workaround is to not use the parametric form:

test[a_] := NDSolveValue[{x'[t] == 1, x[0] == a, 
              WhenEvent[t == 1, Sow@a]}, x, {t, 0, 2}];
test[1]; // Reap

{Null, {{1}}}


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