I have a TemporalData object that has td["ValueDimensions"] =3. Right now I only have one sample, K=1. So the following example is the simplest case, dim=3 and K=1. To begin with, I just want to plot each dimension separately. Should be trivial but it seems I have to twist the td object into knots to get the time dimension to show correctly...

 ts = {{{0.`, {1.333999006891247`, 12.053810602014542`, 
 87.94618939798545`}}, {0.1`, {1.3514434090695817`, 
 86.53455823856495`}}, {0.2`, {1.2484079436257138`, 
 92.89743502043808`}}, {0.30000000000000004`, \
 {1.3781565261854645`, 12.184908506564101`, 
 84.45147211241067`}}, {0.4`, {1.3285491537059095`, 
 87.1154457958651`}}, {0.5`, {1.353124500190124`, 
 85.38069968635773`}}, {0.6000000000000001`, {1.4134624696453986`,
 81.70867228313669`}}, {0.7000000000000001`, {1.195964818586219`, 
 94.68144692187659`}}, {0.8`, {1.2736346893937893`, 
 89.29573476671187`}}, {0.9`, {1.0705151506735828`, 
 103.2366857670525`}}, {1.`, {0.9802798326333646`, 
 13.00862708606569`, 110.54583685327417`}}}}
tds = TemporalData[ts]
(* Pols suggests if "ValuesDimension" returns 3 then this would just work *)
ListLinePlot[td["Values", 1]]
ListLinePlot[td["Values", 2]]
ListLinePlot[td["Values", 3]]

(* The following shows on dimension for the one path, but feels wrong on so many levels, e.g. the time dimension has been lost*)
tds["ValueList"][[1, All, 1]] // ListLinePlot

Once I can do this, I'd like to generate (using ItoProcess) K paths instead of just one, and then I'd like to plot each of these.

Would appreciate any hints or tips about how to do this elegantly.


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The following is undocumented:


enter image description here

ListLinePlot @ tds["PathComponents"]

enter image description here

Plot component 3 only

ListLinePlot @ tds["PathComponent", 3]  
(* or *) ListLinePlot @ tds["PathComponents"][[3]]

enter image description here

The property "PathComponent" and the form tds["PathComponent", componentnumber] are undocumented.

Both "PathComponents" nor PathComponent" work in versions 9.0, 11.3 and 12.0 although neither appear in the property list:


{Components, DateList, DatePath, DatePaths, Dates, FirstDates, FirstTimes, FirstValues, LastDates, LastTimes, LastValues, Part,Path, PathCount, PathFunction, PathFunctions, PathLength, PathLengths, Paths, PathTimes, SliceData, SliceDistribution, TimeList, Times, ValueDimensions, ValueList, Values}

  • $\begingroup$ Many thanks. Could you add "The following is undocumented:" as the first line. This will forewarn others in case wolfram change this behavior to some thing else undocumented. Then I'll accept the answer. I'm the OP and I was annoyed with myself . Its reasonable others think "The lazy so-and-so. Why didn't he just read the docs about this". Any insight into how to elegantly select dimension M of sample/Simulation K. $\endgroup$
    – Hedgehog
    Commented Dec 31, 2017 at 20:02
  • $\begingroup$ @Hedgehog, done. $\endgroup$
    – kglr
    Commented Dec 31, 2017 at 20:06

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