Reading and testing a question&answer from this place I found the following:

values = 100 + 
  RandomFunction[ARProcess[{0.7}, 1], {1, Length@dates}][

as I try to identify parts of this instruccion meet the ["States"] it must be one of the properties of a TemporalData, but can not found in the list of notes of TemporalData, neither it appears when doing

RandomFunction[ARProcess[{0.7}, 1], {1, Length@dates}][

as indicated in the note. I tried even to enter some other option not listed as

RandomFunction[ARProcess[{0.7}, 1], {1, Length@dates}][

and of course appeared a mistake, so not anything is possible in thes position but not only those that appear in list or Properties, How to know more as "States", where can found theese extra options ??


So I misunderstood the question. Didn't realize you wanted the undocumented properties.

Some digging gave me this:

     RandomProcesses`TemporalDataDump`iProperty[p_String, ___]] :> p,
   ] // DeleteDuplicates // Sort

{"ACFPlot", "Caller", "DateFunction", "DateList", "DatePath", \
"DatePaths", "Dates", "DatesQ", "DeveloperProperties", "Drop", \
"FirstDate", "FirstDates", "FirstTime", "FirstTimes", "FirstValue", \
"FirstValues", "LastDate", "LastDates", "LastTime", "LastTimes", \
"LastValue", "LastValues", "MaximumTime", "MetaInformation", \
"MinimumTime", "MinimumTimeIncrement", "NormalizedPathTimes", \
"NormalizedTimes", "NumericMinimumTimeIncrement", "ObjectType", \
"Options", "PACFPlot", "Part", "Path", "PathComponent", \
"PathComponents", "PathCount", "PathFunction", "PathFunctions", \
"PathLength", "PathLengths", "PathMinimumTimeIncrement", "Paths", \
"PathTimeIndex", "PathTimes", "Properties", "RawStateCount", \
"RawStates", "RawTimes", "RawTimesCount", "ResamplingType", \
"SliceData", "SliceDistribution", "StateSpace", "StructuredPath", \
"StructuredPaths", "Take", "TemporalDataPath", "TimeIndex", \
"TimeList", "Times", "TimeSpace", "UnexpandedRawTimes", \
"UnexpandedRawTimesList", "UniformlySpacedQ", "Version"}

And then your "States" is in:

TemporalData[{{{1, 0}, {2, 0}}}]["DeveloperProperties"]

{"ACFPlot", "Caller", "Components", "DateFunction", "DateList", \
"DatePath", "DatePaths", "Dates", "DatesQ", "DeveloperProperties", \
"Drop", "FirstDate", "FirstDates", "FirstTime", "FirstTimes", \
"FirstValue", "FirstValues", "LastDate", "LastDates", "LastTime", \
"LastTimes", "LastValue", "LastValues", "MaximumTime", \
"MetaInformation", "MinimumTime", "MinimumTimeIncrement", \
"NormalizedPathTimes", "NormalizedTimes", \
"NumericMinimumTimeIncrement", "ObjectType", "Options", "PACFPlot", \
"Part", "Path", "PathComponent", "PathComponents", "PathCount", \
"PathFunction", "PathFunctions", "PathLength", "PathLengths", \
"PathMinimumTimeIncrement", "Paths", "PathStates", "PathTimeIndex", \
"PathTimes", "Properties", "RawStateCount", "RawStates", "RawTimes", \
"RawTimesCount", "ResamplingType", "SliceData", "SliceDistribution", \
"StateDimensions", "States", "StateSpace", "StructuredPath", \
"StructuredPaths", "Take", "TemporalDataPath", "TemporalDataPaths", \
"TimeIndex", "TimeList", "Times", "TimeSpace", "UnexpandedRawTimes", \
"UnexpandedRawTimesList", "UniformlySpacedQ", "ValueDimensions", \
"ValueList", "Values", "Version"}

This works for me:

TemporalData[{{{1, 0}, {2, 0}}}]["Properties"]

{"Components", "DateList", "DatePath", "DatePaths", "Dates", \
"FirstDates", "FirstTimes", "FirstValues", "LastDates", "LastTimes", \
"LastValues", "Part", "Path", "PathCount", "PathFunction", \
"PathFunctions", "PathLength", "PathLengths", "Paths", "PathTimes", \
"SliceData", "SliceDistribution", "TimeList", "Times", \
"ValueDimensions", "ValueList", "Values"}
  • $\begingroup$ Yes, this is same I receive with ["Properties"] but does not appear States.. it means have more properties than those in the expresion... $\endgroup$ – Anxon Pués Dec 16 '17 at 20:29
  • $\begingroup$ Ah I misunderstood your question. I can give a somewhat better answer, but I don't think it likely that there will be a standard list of these. $\endgroup$ – b3m2a1 Dec 16 '17 at 20:36
  • $\begingroup$ Any opinion is welcome, I think maybe is old version (suported option) ... $\endgroup$ – Anxon Pués Dec 16 '17 at 20:44
  • $\begingroup$ Strong and deep! Thanks you just gave me reason to learn a lot. I read about you like to discover inside ... undocumented ... EURISKO! $\endgroup$ – Anxon Pués Dec 16 '17 at 21:17

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