I want to use LocalSubmit to create continuous tasks that run in parallel. But it not works with functions from packages. For example:


func1[] := "function 1"

EndPackage[]; (*pack1`*)



func2[] := LocalSubmit[func1[] >> "test.txt"]

EndPackage[]; (*pack2`*)

And if I run this code:


the following is written to the file test.txt:


I know how this problem can be resolved if packages in files pack1.m and pack2.m. func2 must be defined as follows:

func2[] := LocalSubmit[Get["pack1`"]; func1[] >> "test.txt"]

There may be a better solution that saves the functions from the loaded contexts??


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I don't know how the 'separate kernel' is handled, whether it is killed after or will be reused but in case of the latter I'd expose needed package on $Path and add Needs["pack1`"] etc.

Alternatively you can embed needed definitions similarly to how they are embedded in APIFunctions and friends:


func2[] := LocalSubmit[
    Language`ExtendedFullDefinition[] = #; func1[] >> "test.txt"
] &@Language`ExtendedFullDefinition[func1]


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