Given two lists of equal length, l1 and l2, both consisting of sublists that are either empty or non-empty - but corresponding sublists are never non-empty - the task is to consolidate or "collapse" the lists to make a new list newList where

  • if the nth element of l1 is an empty list, but the same element of l2 is not, then newList[[n]] takes that sublist from l2;
  • if the nth element of l1 is non-empty, but the same element of l2 is an empty list, then newList[[n]] takes that sublist from l1;
  • if the nth element of both l1 and l2 are empty lists, then so will be the same element of newList

I have some working code for such a function, but I'm curious if there is a simpler or faster way to execute this sort of task. Perhaps I've overlooked a built-in method? Any suggestions appreciated (even for making the question title more concise).

Collapse[l1_List, l2_List] := Module[

    {newList, n, commonLength},

    newList = {};

        Length[l1] === Length[l2],

        commonLength = Length[l1]; n = 1;
            n <= commonLength,
                (l1[[n]] === {}) && (l2[[n]] =!= {}),
                AppendTo[newList, l2[[n]]],

                        (l1[[n]] =!= {}) && (l2[[n]] === {}),
                        AppendTo[newList, l1[[n]]],

                            (l1[[n]] =!= {}) && (l2[[n]] =!= {}),
                            Print["Lists are not collapsible"],
                            AppendTo[newList, {}]





        Print["Lists are incompatible"];


        newList =!= {},


Test cases

Collapse[{{}}, {{}}]
(* {{}} *)

Collapse[{{}}, {{1}}]
(* {{1}} *)

Collapse[{{}, {1}, {}}, {{}, {}, {a}}]
(* {{}, {1}, {a}} *)

Collapse[{{}}, {{}, {}}]
(* Lists are incompatible *)

Collapse[{{1}}, {{a}}]
(* Lists are not collapsible *)

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You can use Which to generalize If statements, along with Join and MapThread to get:

collapse[l1_, l2_] := Which[
  Length[l1] != Length[l2],
  Print["Lists are incompatible"],
  Max[Min /@ Map[Length, Transpose[{l1, l2}], {2}]] != 0,
  Print["Lists are not collapsible"],
  MapThread[Join, {l1, l2}]]

Test lists all work as desired.


I would create a helper function:

join[{}, a_] := a
join[a_, {}] := a
join[a_, b_] := (Print["Lists are not collapsible"]; $Failed)

collapse[a_, b_] := Quiet @ Check[
    MapThread[join, {a, b}],
    Print["Lists are incompatible"],

It's not exactly what your function returns, but it shouldn't be difficult to modify.


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