I would like to add the names of vertL to this HighlightGraph. edges.csv is a two-column list of names, for example: Bob Susan Susan Jane Jane Susan Susan Bob

edges = Import["edges.csv"];
edgeList = Table[
  edgelist[[row, 1]] -> edges[[row, 2]],
  {row, 1, Length[edges]}]
vertL = VertexList[edgeList]
dc = DegreeCentrality[edgelist]
dc = N[Rescale[dc]]
assign = Thread[vertList -> dc]
HighlightGraph[edgeList, vertL, VertexSize -> assign]

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HighlightGraph >> Details and Options:

HighlightGraph takes the same options as Graph.

So you can use the option VertexLabels.

edges = DeleteDuplicates@RandomChoice[Subsets[CharacterRange["A", "F"], {2}], 10];
edgeList = Rule @@@ edges;
vertL = VertexList[edgeList];
dc = N@Rescale@DegreeCentrality[edgeList];
assign = Thread[vertL -> dc];

HighlightGraph[edgeList, vertL, VertexSize -> assign, 
 VertexLabels -> Placed["Name", Center], VertexLabelStyle -> 20]

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can use SetProperty to add options to the graph object produced by HighlightGraph

g2 = HighlightGraph[edgeList, vertL, VertexSize -> assign];
SetProperty[g2, {VertexLabels -> Placed["Name", Center], VertexLabelStyle -> 20}]

same picture


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