I have this code

p = Predict[{1 -> 123456789123456789, 3 -> 987654321987654321}]

values are big, more than 15 digits (standard machine precision).

when I try to call predictor function like this

p[4] // AccountingForm

I get this error message

AccountingForm::reqsigz: Requested number precision is lower than number of digits shown; padding with zeros.

and this value as a result


As I see last 3 digits are lost.

if I do like this

p = Predict[{1 -> 123456789123456789`50, 3 -> 987654321987654321`50}]

result is the same.

My question is:

Is it possible to force Mathematica to increase precision for Predict function and avoid digit losses? WorkingPrecision parameter does not work for predict.


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