A similar post was found here, but it's not using MMA.

A small test to export HDF5 file,

Export["test.h5", { "summary_Shoe" -> anssummary, "summary_Tie" -> anssummaryTie}]

Woks fine.

enter image description here

But how could I add some heading for the columns? Like I would do for the Excel?

I tried something like this,

Export["test.h5", {   "summary_Shoe" ->    Prepend[anssummary, {"Total B", "Percentage B", "Total P",      "Percentage P", "Total Tie", "Percentage Tie", "Percentage",      "3giving8"}],   "summary_Tie" -> anssummaryTie   },  "DataFormat" -> {"string"}]

But I got an error:

Export::errelem: The Export element Datasets contains a malformed data structure and could not be exported to HDF5 format.


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