BarChart examples include this code :

BarChart[Table[Callout[RandomReal[{0, 1}], Unique["text"]], 2, 8], 
   BarSpacing -> 2, ChartLayout -> "Stacked"]

Its result should be :

enter image description here

But I can't reproduce it on Win7-64 MMA v11.2.

I got this :

enter image description here

All callout are placed above the compressed chart.

When I try with some additional options :

BarChart[Table[Callout[RandomReal[{0, 1}], Unique["text"],  
   After,Appearance -> "Leader", LeaderSize -> {15, Automatic, 2}], 2, 8],
   BarSpacing -> 2, ChartLayout -> "Stacked"]

MMA returns

enter image description here

Some callouts still remain overlapped with straight leaders.

How do I reproduce the example chart ?


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