I'm struggling to get certain rows from a Dataset. Here's the set:

plateData = ResourceData["Large Global Plate Boundaries"]

I'd like to do something like this, which obviously isn't working. "Get the rows from the dataset that include "America" in the name.

Select[plateData, StringContainsQ[#Name, "American" | "american"] &]

I'd like to think their is a way do do this simply.


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At its heart, the issue is that some of the entries in that data set have Missing["NotAvailable"] for the "Name" parameter. Dataset only applies selection criteria until it hits an error, at which point it simply throws a Failure object (I believe this is a fail-safe to keep from crashing the kernel / FE with compounded errors in big data).

So simply add a "not missing" check to the Select:

   ! MissingQ@#["Name"] && 
     StringContainsQ[#["Name"], "American" | "american"] & 
  ] // Length


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