I have the following expression

-3 I Ez Re[Ex] + 3 I Ex Re[Ez]

And I wish to write this in the form -3 Re[I Ez Conjugate[Ex]]. So I have made the rule

f_ I x_ Re[y_] - f_ I y_ Re[x_] -> f Real[I x Conjugate[y]]

But my expression does not seem to match that expression. What is wrong?


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Pattern matching with complex numbers is notoriously difficult because Complex numbers are atomic yet have non-trivial FullForm.

{AtomQ[-3 I], FullForm[-3 I]}

Examining the FullForm of your expression, perhaps you want the following.

rule = a_Complex*x_*Re[y_] + b_Complex*y_*Re[x_] :>
  Abs[a]*Re[I x Conjugate[y]] /; a == -b;
-3 I Ez Re[Ex] + 3 I Ex Re[Ez] /. rule
-3 Im[Ex Conjugate[Ez]]
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