Mathematica 11.2 can do ZMQ socket programming now! But I cannot find out how to set subscribe channel from searching the doc. When using c language there is a function zsocket_set_subscribe to set the subscribe channel, it seems lacking corresponding function in Mathematica Socket API .

(* To create socket *)
client = SocketConnect[{"Pub IP", Pub Port}, "ZMQ_SUB"]

(* Then how to set channel to receive message? *)

I also ask in the wolfram community and will sync if there is an answer.


I think this part of the interface is broken. From some digging I found: ZeroMQLink`SocketOptions`Private`setSockOptSingle which is called by SetOptions on a SocketObject. This makes use of ZeroMQLink`SocketOptions`$SetSocketOptionTypes to check the type of the argument and ZeroMQLink`SocketOptions`$SetSocketOptionValues to get the integer for what I'm assuming is the enum of the options.

I looked at ZeroMQLink`SocketOptions`$SetSocketOptionValues and found that "ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE" is supported, which we can get by ZeroMQLink`SocketOptions`toZMQOptionString@"Subscribe". So in principle "Subscribe" should be supported.

Then looking at what the type should be we get:


ListQ[#1] && ByteArrayQ[ByteArray[#1]] &

Which basically tells us that we need to pass a list of integers. So then I tried:

pub = SocketOpen[Automatic, "ZMQ_PUB"];
sub = SocketConnect["tcp://localhost:8000", "ZMQ_SUB"];

SetOptions[sub, "Subscribe" -> Normal@BinarySerialize[First@pub]]

LibraryFunction::cfsa: Argument {55,58,83,36,99,99,50,101,51,54,102,98,45,53,48,51,98,45,52,98,53,97,45,56,99,55,50,45,55,101,101,53,49,56,99,48,51,55,54,50} at position 3 should be a machine-size integer.

And then digging more, we can patch this like so:

   uuid_, option_?IntegerQ, val : {_?IntegerQ ..}
   ] :=
      "SetZMQSocketOption", {String, Integer, {Integer, 1}}, {Integer,
        1}], LibraryFunction::overload
    ][uuid, option, val];

SetOptions[sub, "Subscribe" -> Normal@BinarySerialize[First@pub]]

What this does I have no idea. Whether it does what you want I have no idea. But at least it throws no errors.

  • $\begingroup$ One can test by writing something to the publisher socket Write[pub, "Hi there"] and then check if the subscription socket has some message to read from by SocketReadyQ@sub. As it returns False I second your opinion that the interface is broken. Even if one starts pub and sub like this pub = SocketOpen[{IPAddress[""], 8000}, "ZMQ_PUB"]; sub = SocketConnect["tcp://localhost:8000", "ZMQ_SUB"]; it does not seem to help. $\endgroup$ – PlatoManiac Mar 2 '18 at 2:18


pub = SocketOpen[Automatic, "ZMQ_PUB"]

subscribers = Table[SocketConnect[pub["DestinationPort"], "ZMQ_SUB"], 3]

Scan[SetOptions[#, "ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE" -> All] &, subscribers]

WriteString[pub, "Message from publisher socket."]

ByteArrayToString[SocketReadMessage[#]] & /@ subscribers

{"Message from publisher socket.", "Message from publisher socket.", "Message from publisher socket."}


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